Her Guitar Was Busted

My eldest daughter’s guitar was busted.

One day she arrived here at home with a guitar that does not create good sounds at all. Now it has been days already that she is not strumming anymore. Today when she went home she mentioned that she will be performing in their program using guitar, she still have some savings in the bank though but I am undecided yet to withdraw it. I know how important it is for her to strum but if she just keeps on destroying her stuffs, it is better than not to buy yet and just wait for Christmas. On the second thought, this is her right time to show off her talent maybe just maybe I will buy her a new guitar. I would also try to look for behringer epq 2000 at guitar center; she might use an amplifier on the day of her performance. How I wish I could watch her on stage again but I am not sure if I can since I am also too busy with my youngest daughter. No one is sending her to school anymore except me so even though I’d like to be there at every program of my eldest I just can’t, they have different school and it is just hard to attend to both of them. I will just maybe let her bring the camera so she can take some pictures and videos

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