I Will Just Go To The Doctor

Since Faith did not stop crying when Daddy went inside the departure area, Daddy called us on the phone when we were already inside the car and talked Faith for a couple of minutes. Faith always said “But I will gonna miss you Dad”, a little bit later Faith handed me the phone. Dad told me to tell Faith that he will just go to the Doctor then come back. Faith was a little calm when she hears the reason, good thing she did not cry the whole time in the car, we went to my work for clearance and Faith enjoyed her time in the lounge. She was able to talk to somebody there while I was processing my clearance. I just got delayed in HR because they were in a meeting. When I went outside it was already almost 10:00 in the evening. They all done eating dinner and I am glad they liked the food in the pantry house; I was saved to go to Jollibee to eat dinner.

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