My Little Teapot’s Toy Organizer

I was looking for a perfect toy organizer for my youngest daughter, her toys were only put in the box and it was busted already. Thus, I need to look for an organizer real quick. I tried it to the mall that I always visited but the organizer that I wanted to buy is not there already, they said it was already phase out. My sister showed me a brochure for AVON but the toy organizer that I like was not there. They have the toy organizer but it was not a box instead it is a nylon type of bag. I ordered it just for the sake of the toys to be kept tidy at once. My sister could bring that organizer the next day but when I roamed around the mall the next day and I found a box type toy organizer, which I like very much, it would keep my youngest toy’s tidier. I called my sister right away and informed her to cancel the order because I found one, which is better than the nylon type. Here’s what I bought from the Toy Kingdom in SM.

 photo HPIM0865_zps40ffbf6d.jpg

This toy organizer is just right for all her toys. The princesses is a bonus since Faith likes princesses so much, the cover of this toy organizer is durable that you can sit like a princess as well.

 photo HPIM0866_zps50c5102e.jpg

Here’s my little teapot making a pose for the camera, she has been insisting to pose with her toy organizer.

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