No Class Today!

Thank GOD it’s Friday! And so Faith would go home at 2:00 in the afternoon. I woke¬†her up and lead her to the bathroom, I asked my niece to bathe her so I can prepare the car. A little later when Mariel dressed her up already, I scanned her notebook because I knew they have an announcement I was just not sure and I also forgot about it. I found the announcement and that is they don’t have a class today. I asked Mariel to just let her have the house dress. Mariel was sighing because she can’t ride in the car going to school. It could have been an opportunity to ride for free but because Faith did not have class today, I didn’t drive. Faith was happy she asked me if she could play her cellphone in which I let her since I need to clean and re-arrange the room of my other niece, it gets too messy and crowded, it is time now to get rid of those shoes we didn’t use anymore. So today is totally a TGIF for me!

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