Or Am I Just Making A Fuss?

I am tired, yes totally tired every morning. My eldest daughter is doing the slow motion of preparing herself again and even in studying. Or was I just making a fuss to it all the time while in fact I just have to trust her and she will do good? I don’t know what I am going to do, why on earth the kids now are behaving so different than what we were before? I could and always do not understand it.

When my Father would tell me to study before I will follow him right away otherwise his hand would be on the air in an instant and would land on my butt or a three stick of a broom stick would go directly to my legs, butt or arms. When I was in high school, I would get shy if my grades are low so I would strive hard so at least to be recognized in the class room.

But it’s too different now; I think the parents are more competitive than of the kids. They are mostly the one who is scanning the books and the notes of their kids, even those who were in high school. I mean they are just so relax or maybe again I am just making a fuss with my daughter here while she can do it on her own. I mean I just want to really witness that she is studying so on and forth, but she always told me that if she could not study here she is reading her notes at school. Yes, she did because when I checked her notes, her scores are high but I want to see her scanning her notes here at home so to be sure, oh yeah I am just making a fuss.

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