She Joined The Red Cross Organization

My eldest daughter wanted to go back to her training but I am having doubts because of my schedule to send her at the training place. I am sending Faith to school everyday and if I would fetch yet Mj to school to send her to her training, no one can look after Faith at home. But no one can stop of my eldest daughter being active at school because even though I stopped her to join the swimming oh well unless if the pool is inside the school campus and if the school would provide her a coach, why not? But if I would be the one to find a training place yet and I have to provide a coach, that’s another story and besides as I mentioned earlier I am already so busy with my youngest daughter and I don’t want to go back since we left the training for good already.

On the other hand Mj is still looking for an organization to join and I am so glad that Mj was able to join the Red Cross Organization. She already started last week and she had fun. I know she can push this through until summer, her training is an advantage I know she can rescue if someone is drowning and she can use some of the trainings that the Red Cross would provide for them.

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