To Make Them Always Special

Have you ever stopped to think how special you feel when someone remembers your name? To be addressed personally, by name, singles you out from the crowd and reaffirms your unique identity. It’s no different with children. They can be in the middle of game with friends or intrigued with something on TV and be totally tuned out to their surroundings until they hear their name. Name recognition is one of the factors that make personalized books such a wonderful gift for children. Reading opens up a world of opportunities for children to learn about new place, learn life lessons through examples in a story, discover ways to conquer fear and deal with various emotions and to simply have fun reading about different adventures and situations. When those stories are personalized, they become even more special. Just imagine how delighted a little girl would be to see her name on each page of a story about a princess. Any little boy would be delighted to see himself as the main character in a pirate adventure. Seeing their name in print is a great motivating force for children who need a little encouragement to get them to read. Chronicle Books has a wide assortment of items that can be personalized. A child would love having a piece of personalized wall art in their room. New parents would be thrilled to receive a personalized baby book as a shower gift. Personalized gifts always make the recipient feel special.

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