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Asked To Join

Mj was called by her teacher; the teacher even asked my daughter what have she done why she was called to go to the Prefect of Discipline. Mj do not have any idea why she was being called, when she arrived at the office. She was being asked right away if she want to join the DACS swimming competition I know Mj want to say yes but since I told her not to, she did not said yes. She just asked if the school will provide a coach if in case but the school said no. I know Mj wanted to join again the swimming, she didn’t know that more convincing power from her, and I would already give in. Anyway, if ever I would let her do the training again, her dad and I would talk about it yet. So my answer now is I really don’t know I just want peace of mind and peace of my surrounding.

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Collecting Coupons Saves Money

When you have a household with six members, it’s hard to dine out at a nice restaurant. To eat at a place like Black Angus, we would need a coupon in order for all six of us to have a good meal there. We are on a fixed budget and our entertainment and dining out dollars are limited, therefore we have to take advantage of any special offer or coupon that comes along and so when we have a chance we would always look at for us to find some coupons. Clipping coupons or getting them off the internet is a great way for us to save money. When dining out, we try to use a coupon to save money. We all love steak and a Black Angus coupons 2013 really comes in handy for our family.

We try to use coupons on everything from groceries, the previously mentioned restaurants, books and even home repair. Coupons can save us money over time and what we save can be put towards the kids’ education or something for something for the house, like a new TV (hint for my husband). I think I do a good job with our budget, but I know I can do more if I make proper use of coupons. I like it when my husband praises me for being able to save money.

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