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A Heart And A Mickey Mouse

It’s only seldom that I bought my youngest daughter some new blouses or dresses; yeah that is how tight my budget is these days. When my husband arrived on June, if Faith did not have messy with spaghetti when they were eating in Jollibee, we will not buy her a new blouse. She grabbed our hands right after and she was the one who picked a blouse for her. She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse so that is what she picked. When I just went to the mall last week, I found out that the Mickey Mouse blouse is on sale. I could have enjoyed the discount if I just bought it last week and not on June. Anyway, past is past so we must not live with it.

The heart white blouse was bought last month when Faith attended a Christening Party, I really want her to use the Tutu skirt but nothing on her stuffs we could found a match. I roamed around the mall with Mj and while Mj is buying her stuffs, I also looked for a blouse that could match her Tutu skirt and I found one. So for this year I bought these two blouses for my youngest daughter:

 photo HPIM1173_zpsf8e3f465.jpg

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