Eye Check-Up Went Disappointing

Right after I dropped Faith at school, I went to the clinic nearby for eye check-up. My eyes were itchy these past few weeks and now it is heavy already and it is painful too. I went there but they were close, I thought they maybe close because it was yet lunch time so I waited for an hour since their schedule that they hang on their door is they would open for Thursday and Friday 1:00 p.m. but it was already 2:00 p.m. yet they are not open. There was even no Secretary whosoever I could ask when or what time they will open. I was so disappointed, my time was wasted. I could have went to the other hospital so my time was useful, I didn’t have any choice but to fetch Faith from school and tag her to the other clinic. And she is around, expect her to be so kulit, she would walk around the clinic and ask questions to all the patients there even the Doctor she would ask question. And she would touch things as well, when the Doctor explains me what to do, she was also talking. I hope the Doctor understand and was not pissed off with us, next time I won’t bring her anymore and if I will, I should have one of my nieces to be with us so they can guard her while I was busy attending things.

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