Get Easily Tired

Its exam week this week so the kids at home are studying for their exams even Faith, I am the one who tutored Faith already, since I am not working at all. So far we are doing well but I want to let her study even there are no lesson to study and I wanting that to practice. Because sometimes I would forget it or I become too lousy. I don’t know what happen to me these days, I easily get tired. I need vitamins that would boost my energy. Mj when she did not took her vitamins for days she got sick right away, so I must not forget Faith to let her take her vitamins. No matter how lousy I am or tired I am I still have to get up every day and prepare Faith for school. I know I can get rid of these being tired everyday; I must put an inspiration to myself not to get tired. I am envious with Mom who is always on the go, what kind of vitamins should I take? Can you suggest one?

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