Not Behaving At School Again

It has been weeks now that my daughter is not behaved at school, whenever I ask her teacher if she behaves the teacher would tell me she is always talking. Sigh, Faith could not behave again; I wonder when she can be tamed again. I miss her giving me stars just like few weeks ago. They were having a dance practice at school, so it is only seldom that they have activities inside the classroom, most often they are asked to go out to practice. I don’t know though if she can dance since she is just making fun at their practice. I am still hoping and praying so hard that she will listen and follow her teacher’s instruction.

On the other hand, this is already the third time that Mj could not go inside the house because no one is at home. She has been telling me to duplicate our key so she can bring it with her but I always forgot about it when I go to the mall. Good thing, this time she went to my sister’s house and stayed there for a while. I went home late than the usual because I have to have the door glass of my car fixed. And yeah it is not yet fixed, I was there two days but nothing happened.

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