Played Badminton Finally!

I thought many of us would play badminton last Saturday but I was surprised that there were only two of us who would play. My friend said no one replied to her text when she messaged them for playing badminton. Anyway even though we were not in a group when we went to Badminton World, we still had so much fun. It was a good sweat; we played like one hour while we were talking. I could not make it at first but later I was able to hit it perfectly. I tell you I always picked up the shuttlecock the first round of playing but later I was able to play smoothly. After an hour, I bade my friend goodbye and I went ahead to fetch Mj at Kumon. When I told Mj about it, she said she want to join us the next time we will play badminton. She was not able to pass the badminton try out, her score was only two compared to her opponent who got 10 scores. She wanted to learn more about badminton and she want to play it with me.

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