Playing Badminton On Saturday

I am so tired today and yet I didn’t start my day yet. I didn’t even wake my youngest daughter to prepare for school I am just so damn lazy today but I have to move now, I mean right now. I thought this week could be oh so boring, no activity to look forward to, perhaps this must be the reason why I am feeling so low because I am already bored. Until my friend message me to day, she asked me if I am up for playing badminton on Saturday. Hmmm I was thinking why not, this is a good idea to sweat it all out. The jogging was not realized the other day, it was like, I was motivated that night but the next morning when I woke up and I tried to get ready. Suddenly I just jumped into my couch and sleep. Yes, I am too damned lazy now. Playing badminton might be the answer to all of this, and I have to move now so my youngest daughter will not be late at school. Oh please dear GOD, give me some power to move.

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