Yuna’s Birthday 2013

And so the venue was change, instead of having a pool party for my friend daughter’s birthday it was held instead to their home sweet home. So all the classmates of Yuna that were invited can join the fun. I almost decided not to attend the party but I know how Mj misses her friends from the training so even though she have to go to her classmate’s house for a project and that I have to meet up with her somewhere in the road going to the venue, we went off besides it has been a while that the mom of the kids and I were not able to chat and make-up.

When I arrived at their house, Yuna and Arisa welcome us right in front of their gate. They could not wait for us to go down from the car, Mj hugged them right away. Faith, on the other hand went directly inside the living room to get some marshmallows, LOL. She always loves the marshmallow from my friend, it was cue along with a Hotdog.

When we arrived the games are already started, Mj did not join as she is already a teenager but Faith won from the bring to me game, I think she won several times that she was able to bring some toys and candies at home.

The birthday girl surely had so much fun, of course with the gifts that she received from her guests and a love so everlasting from her Mom, she must be the happiest girl in the whole wide world today.

This only happens only seldom that they are together once again, I have to thank the mother of the celebrant for inviting us over. We indeed had a blast and we were so full, too bad that my other niece was not able to join, she choose to stay home than to go with us because of the Korean Drama she is watching online.

Mj, Faith, Arisa and Yuna just witness a magic on the day of the birthday celebrant

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