After The Result Then She Will Decide

Mj is contemplating whether to go back to swimming or not, she indeed miss her training but she is confused because she is also wanted to join the Junior Life Guard in Red Cross, the announcement of who passed during their first aid test is delayed. She has to wait for the result so she would know what to do. In the meantime she is enjoying herself to strum on her guitar at school with some of her classmate. She wanted to join band at school but too bad they were all boys and she is the only girl. I am also hesitated to let her join because I am sure there will be live band practice and she will be home late, especially when they have to perform. I like the idea of watching her on the stage but I don’t like to risk, it is not that I don’t trust her but I just don’t trust the temptation that would surround her just in case. I would rather send her to training than performing a music band late at night.

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