Because It Is My Favorite Color

I am nervous when I got the report card of my youngest daughter, I don’t want to see it but of course I know I have to. So I went to the school today tagging her alone since no one will be looking after her at home. When I went to the table where her teacher was seated, she gave me the card right away and I was surprised that Faith got a highest score for Language and of course Computer, Proficient for Math and Approaching Proficient for Reading, and of her behavior. Really, when you a very sociable and hyper Kindergarten daughter, it is hard yet fun.

Since Faith got a good score, I treat her to Wonderland and she had 30 minutes of fun there. When she went out, her pants are so dirty, so I dragged her to the Children’s Wear to supposedly buy her a pair of shorts but of course she is looking for pink and white for it is her favorite color. Good thing I was able to find one, what makes it perfect, it is even affordable. She loves it too, so no more explaining why I have to buy that and not that and no arguments at all.

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