Being Responsible Of Her Friend’s Toys

After we fetch Faith from school, we went to Santiago Villas right away so my husband can view the house that was selling there. It is in front of the house of my friend, when my friend saw us; she invited us to come inside their house right away so my youngest daughter can play with their son Triston. They had so much fun in Triston’s room that I often took a peep to check what they were doing, Triston keeps on cheering up Faith to play more with his toys and of course Faith would never say no, when we were about to go, I saw the toys just lying down on the floor. I told Faith to fix all the toys because it was all scattered on the floor and I would be embarrassed to my friend if we will just left Triston there fixing all the toys alone. Faith was able to follow politely and she arranged it all on the right places. I am so proud of her being responsible of Triston’s toys.

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