Hiding Things Are Bad

The ID of my youngest was lost I asked the teacher about it and said she saw it and gave it to Faith already but when I checked her bag at home, the ID was not there. I asked Faith about it she told me that her classmate hid her ID and she was even crying. So the next meeting, I went inside the classroom and asked the teacher about her ID again while my husband was waiting outside, I already told him that Faith insisted that her classmates hid her ID. My husband suggested talking to the teacher and checking all the tables. The classmates who in front and beside Faith was already checked, but it is not there. The teacher told me that she saw Faith puts the ID in her pocket, I answered her that she said that one of her classmates hid it. Then I saw Faith trying to open the table of her classmate but this classmate doesn’t want her to open it, so I interfere and ask the classmate if we could open it and check it. The ID was there, she hides it! The teacher again insisted that maybe Faith was the one who hides it. I answered nope I don’t think so; Faith cried last Friday and insisted that her classmate is hiding her ID. The teacher could not speak; I don’t know what happen or what disciplinary action that she would implement to that classmate this time but I hope she would tell that classmate that it is bad to hide things.

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