Movie Bonding With Kids

Last week, I decided to tag the kids to the movie house, we supposed to watch the planes but the kids choose the other movie. It is not a cartoon movie; it is a science fiction fairy tale thing. I called it a fairy tale because all of it was not true. The movie is about a shadow searcher, meaning they search for demons and kill them. Anyway, the kids love it even Faith was amazed with all the flying, magic and stuffs. Mariel said that there is a continuation of the movie, it should be since the ending is not that clear since the 2 leading characters found out that they are siblings yet they love each other more than of a sister and a brother. The friend of the girl too has bites and was able to see clearly after he was abducted by vampires, Clarie the friend saw it but she just ignore it. So those we need to find out in the next episode of this movie.

When we went out of the movie house, the kids want to take a picture with those hot guy over there. Of course, I also won’t slip the chance away.

But Faith was not up to the Monster Instruments poster but with the movie above, she said that she want to watch that movie. I was also got interested since we have watch the part 1 of the Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs. So that is our target for the next movie bonding, I am just not sure though when it will be showing.

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