No Class But Practice More

Last Friday, after the contribution of report card of my youngest, we went to the mall first so we can have lunch and as well to make ourselves busy since we still have to go back to her school for her dance practice. Their practice will start at 3:00 in the afternoon and after that, we will have our short meeting for the fun day that will be held on Saturday.

Past 3:00 in the afternoon, we arrived at school, I immediately handed Faith over to her teacher. I was crossing my fingers that she will follow and listen to her teacher but nope, there is no dance at all that happen to her because she keeps on talking to her classmate so I have to interfere and told her to follow the instruction, she listened to me right away. She danced while she sang that her classmate covered her mouth. The classmate wanted to also sing and dance and maybe Faith’s voice destructed her, you know kids, I just let them, Faith just ignored her and continued her singing while dancing.

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