So Many Candies And Gummy Bears

Daddy bought so many twisters that my kids love a lot. He showed all the candies to Faith and Mj. He also bought us a box of Granula Bars and varieties of candies in a pack. That is the only thing that he purchased this time, no gadgets and all, which is good so his baggage will not be heavy when he is carrying it in the airport. My husband has some rules set for kids though and that is to pick the candies one at a time so we can enjoy it for weeks.

Daddy did not also forget to buy the gummy bears. Faith was so amazed and enjoyed the packaging of the bottle because it was the Monsters University and the Flintstones. She and Mj do not forget this time to take their vitamins since they don’t need to drink water at all. It tastes like candy so they don’t feel yucky when they are chewing it. Faith even said she’d like to have it like how many times in a day, of course have to stop her or she might get overdosed.

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