We Are Planning For Her To Go Back

My eldest daughter asks her Dad if she can go back to training, her Dad said she can ask me. I know it is not easy to send Mj to her training everyday but I notice that she would get sick so easily and her allergies are always kicking him off ever since she stopped her training. I agreed to her and so I texted our coach and ask him if we could go back, I got a positive response and in due time we will be going back to a very busy life now. Because I have to send Faith to school daily and after I would fetch her and sends her home, I will have to pick Mj to send her to her training. I guess I have to deal with the tiredness I would then feel when the training would start. My husband and I are still contemplating the time and her studies. She has to do good so she can go back to her training, otherwise there will be no training for her forever.

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