Wristwatch For My Two Daughters

My husband brought a nice wristwatch for my kids as well. Mj lost her Sketchers wristwatch last summer, it was a gift for her last Christmas and I promised myself not to buy her anything fancy at all. She keeps on asking another wristwatch from her Dad so my husband looked for a cheap yet one that has the quality. My husband also looked something for Faith and she always told her on the phone she wants her favorite color and that is pink and white. Dad granted her wish because she bought her not a combination of white and pink though but at least her all-time favorite color and that is the pink. Here’s my daughter’s new wristwatch from Daddy.

 photo 46b61689-fcbb-4693-ac79-66c695f1e4c6_zpsd71b831c.jpg

The white one is for Mj and obviously the pink one is for my youngest daughter

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2 Responses to “Wristwatch For My Two Daughters”

  1. Tx Sweetie says:

    both are equally cute, love the hello kitty. perfect for little girls like Pityang.

  2. kimmy says:

    they are SO CUTE! i can’t decide which one i like more, lol!

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