Pajama Party At My Niece School

One day my niece was begging to buy her the Korean style pajama attire since they are going to have a Pajama party at school but when we went to the mall, she chooses a bit different style of Pajama; in fact it was not more likely a Pajama at all. The one who wore an orange sweatshirt is my niece, what do you think of her attire? Anyway she is with her 3 classmates at the picture.

On the other hand, the reasons of her picking up that stuffs, I don’t even sure if that really a pajama style, oh well she said she can use it not for sleeping but she can use especially the pants outside when they will have civilian day on Wednesday. It’s a good decision right? But she was so worried when she entered the school during that event; she was worried that they will not allow her to go inside because of her attire. Good thing, they were not able to notice her attire at all and she was free to join the fun.

The event was already late when it was finish, I have already texted her if where she is already, she answered me right away that the event is not yet finish. I trusted my niece, but what I don’t trust is the consequences of going home late, ya know we can’t trust anything in this world at all, anything can happen in just one snap of our fingers.

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