She Knows What She Likes For Halloween Costumes

Yes, we didn’t have class today, I mean my youngest because their school had an electricity outage and since the classrooms from nursery up to Grade 3 are all air condition, it would be so hard for the kids to be comfortable because their classrooms are designed for air con. So the school announced the other day of no class today, which is the best because I will be attending a meet-up later this afternoon. It is also our chance (for me and Faith) to rest ahead for this busy week, for once the mom and the kid has all the rights to rest, to take it slow especially in the morning.

Faith just spent her day in the computer, later we will do her Kumon. Aside from playing games in the computer she is also scanning the brochure that the Toy Kingdom handed to us for free, one day when we went there. She is showing her Daddy what does she like for a costume during Halloween, and of course opposite to her Daddy who just wanted to put some make up for a zombie, Faith always wanted to be a fairy with wings and she chooses the pink fairy, she also wanted to put a wig on her hair and a mask, a butterfly mask to be exact. The butterfly mask that she pointed in the brochure is the blue one, and a pink wig with pink fairy costume, hmmm I guess a fashionista is in the house, not me obviously but my little Faith.

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