The Healthy Alternative

We love yogurt, especially my youngest daughter. She loves anything with a strawberry flavor and that has a pink color. She is a typical girl when it comes to that. Yogurt is good for us and in my opinion, I would rather have my kids eat yogurt than ice-cream. We have a lot of choices when we buy yogurt, whether we buy it in the grocery store, or we go to a place like Yogurtland. So whenever I can get a chance to get yogurtland coupons, you know I will jump at it. Why not save money on something we like and enjoy, it only makes sense.

I find it hard to pass op certain types of stores/shops when I take my youngest daughter shopping with me. If she has a chance to eat corn on the cob or yogurt, I either have to give in to her or drag her away (figuratively speaking). I would rather have her eating yogurt than a fat laden cheeseburger from a fast food joint. So if I can take her to Yogurtland, instead of one of those “famous” burger chains, I am doing us both a favor by taking advantage of a healthy alternative. Besides, I can get my yogurt pretty much the way I want it.

As I mentioned, my youngest daughter loves just about anything that has strawberries in it or strawberry flavored, well I really love chocolate and yogurt with Oreo’s really hits the spot with me. So if you can get a Yogurtland coupon for 3oz yogurt, wouldn’t you jump it at? My youngest daughter says it pretty simply when she says, “Yogurt is yummy mama” and I have to agree.

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