The Importance Of My Kids Approval

Sigh I only have like 2 sets of curtains that are functional here at home, some of my curtains gave up already for it is very old at all. My youngest daughter allergy would attack her when the curtain hanged in the window for number of months; I really need to buy another set so the dusts would not stock up in the curtain for a long as well. I promised myself that after the holiday and after I would buy another cover for my couch I would surely buy another set of curtain, and recently I was looking for some designs online. I am interested of burlap curtains; the style of this curtain is so unique and very elegant to the house. I am sure my kids would approve of this and be happy about it. Mostly when I buy something for the house, I would consult them and when I would decide they should also contributes some ideas especially with my eldest. It is better that way so they would feel that they have part in this house and in this family. They have a say and I always respect it. It is also a help for them to enhance their ability to choose and to decide which is and which not.

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