We Were Only Three Today

We went out late today for church because right after I have done my entire task here, I took a nap. Mj woke me up around one in the afternoon, I told them to prepare right away. And since it is weekend, Mj and Faith went in the front yard (kitchen side) to take a bath, I guess they had so much fun because it took them both a while to finish. I was still sleeping when I heard Mj calling my niece, she called her cousin so loud but Mariel did not hear her. I got up and that’s the only time Mariel went outside, they had this agreement that she will be the one to dress Faith up while she is also preparing herself for church.

I immediately wash the dishes so I can prepare and we can go right away. We went to Church at 3:45 in the afternoon, I didn’t know that the mass would start at 5:00 in the afternoon, we waited for one hour. Good thing Faith didn’t move much, though she behaves slight. Mariel didn’t go with us in the church, so it’s only me, Mj and Faith heard the mass.

Mj wanted to go to the mall right after since she likes to buy a new blouse and a new school shoes from her savings but it’s getting dark already. I am worried of the rain coming and we will all get wet and we don’t have umbrella. I just told her if we can postpone the shopping and we will just going to have dinner in a restaurant. I choose Jacksridge, and my eldest daughter agreed. It was nice because they already put some Halloween decorations; we took some pictures of it as our background.

We had fun even though we were only three; it is good also because it saved me so much money. On Tuesday since there is no class, I promised to accompany my daughter for shopping.

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