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Competition Next Month, Good Luck To My Daughter

Just this month, Mj went back to her training from a year of resting just doing her extra-curricular activities. I thought to just let her swim and we can compete next year. But her coach saw a glimpse of hope for Mj, as her stroke did not change at all. Although her speed is slowing down which explains everything as she was rested from the training of a year, but her phasing is still there. Her coach decided to join her for next month’s competition in Tagum. Since Mj was a bit disappointed of her last competition that made her decides to stop. I prepared her now for telling her that she should not expect too much for this coming competition. She needs more time to practice and regain her strength in swimming as she easily get tired and always catching her breath when she swims. I hope and wishing all the lucks for all swimmers this coming competition. I pray that the sportsmanship and camaraderie will be lift up, above all things besides that why we are there not to make a commotion but we are there to support our kids.

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One Of Her Christmas Wish List

One night when Mj is playing with her guitar that she borrowed from her uncle, the string loosened, she tried to fix it but she can’t fix anymore. She has been asking for another guitar but I always said she have to wait until December. Yeah, it is Christmas time once again and as it approaching we always think of a best Christmas gift and for my daughter I am thinking for best la patrie guitar to give her this holiday season. She might jump for joy since she is really wishing for that on Christmas; in fact it is one of her Christmas wish list. She is one lucky girl though because she have a Daddy ready to give her what she wants, and oh my youngest as well.

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Selfie Time

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I just saw this picture in my phone, I was laughing because the one who took this picture is herself. Faith knows how to make selfie pictures as what they called it. Anyway since selfie is used for like a hundred times everyday, webster dictionary added it for the kids to learn about the meaning of selfie. Oh well, I guess you would know already the meaning of selfie as even the toddlers how to make pose while clicking the camera.

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Chandeliers For Your Home

We are planning on buying a home soon and from the homes we will choose from, we really think we need to add some decorative lighting.  One thing we are looking at is modern chandeliers from this page.  A chandelier in our home’s entrance, can really showcase your home.  When somebody enters our home, we want them to know that we have put love and care into the way it looks.  We want be able to show off our home to your friends, neighbors and relatives. Lighting can really place and emphasis on our home decor.  I know they work homes with a split foyer or a high ceiling over the entrance.  Don’t you think having a modern chandelier is a good idea?

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