My Youngest Daughter Leveling Up In Kumon

My youngest daughter just started Kumon since she likes books so I let her do the reading comprehensions worksheets. With just a short span of time, she was able to progress beyond their expectation I was so glad to receive the remarks from her teacher and that she ready for another level.

Congratulations Faith! You have progressed remarkably more than we have expected and we want to congratulate you for that that great job. However always remember that good attitude is also important for a smoother progress in the succeeding levels.

That was her note by her teacher; I was worried with the attitude remarks though so her teacher and I had a talk about it. Faith would sometimes get too noisy and very talkative. Sometimes she talked very loud and if she would say sorry, it was loud enough for the others to hear it. So her teacher said before she will do her session Faith would talk to the head first and maybe mind set her not to be too noisy and minimize her being so talkative.

Yes, I am worried though, I was even thinking to maybe Faith needs a check-up for her behavior, she is also hyper but my husband said she will outgrow it. Unlike before I could talk to Faith right now I just have to put it into details of what to do inside the classroom, I would tell her don’t be too noisy, don’t play etc, etc and sometimes she would follow it but it just there are sometimes that she cannot avoid it. I know there is no harm to go to the doctor for us to be assuring of her behavior but mind you I am really thinking about it.

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