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My Youngest Daughter Dress On The Party

Just this Friday, my two kids just had Christmas Party. The day before that, Mj, Faith and I were so busy buying new clothes for Faith. Mj need not to buy anything new since they only wear P.E uniform in their Christmas Party. MJ and I helped each other to think which style Faith would look good to wear but our little teapot just picked what she wants and this is what she chooses:

 photo HPIM2150.jpg

Her Ate Mj was the one who picked the boots for her:

 photo HPIM2151.jpg

The thing was her Daddy did not like we picked for her, LOL he said it doesn’t match. Maybe he just doesn’t like kids wearing boots but for us we like it.

 photo 1491594_10202317116705408_665289963_n.jpg

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The Friends you Make As Part Of A Team Might Just Be Your Friends For Life

Mj has been like swimming since 4th grade, I am sure to those who read my blogs, they know that she stopped for one year and she just got back now. But I am so amazed to see that her friends from before still see her as a friend. When we joined the competition the first week of this month, her friends that she met before still smiled at her and talked to her.

I just read this from a sporty girl said in a magazine “The friends you make as part of a team might just be your friends for life.” It is true even though the parents are having issues yet the kids would never mind it at all. They swim their best in the pool to win or to break their time but outside the pool or when they are relaxing whatsoever, they were giggling, laughing and talking. You will never notice that they are in a different now because of the friendship that they built some time ago, it is rooted and founded by the memories that they have shared when they were still team mates.

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The One Who Got The Talent

Yesterday my kids and I went to buy some toys and gifts for today’s Christmas party when suddenly my youngest daughter saw a novation keyboards in the toy shop. My youngest daughter loves music in fact I can see her performing in the stage in the future, her voice has a tone unlike me and her sister. Aside from singing she also want to play some instrument and that includes piano and novation keyboards, her Dad is actually searching for novation keyboards at Musicians Friend. He told me that he heard lots of good testimonials about the store and their instrument. Maybe when the money is right I will enroll Faith in a musical studio to help her enhance her voice then learning to play the piano will be the next. We all love music and we all love to sing but I guess Faith is the one who really have talent after all.

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For Our Kids Safety

I must admit that I got scared with my youngest daughter’s school. Their school does not have a real field for the students to stay in case of emergency; their buildings are a bit old as well.  I really thought of transferring her to another school in the next school year.

But I was glad that a letter was sent and posted in my child assignment notebook the letter consists of their long vacation 3 weeks actually, to give time for engineering works to ensure the safety of the kids while in the school building. They need ample time for the contractors to finish their jobs. I hope they also construct a real parking area for the graders as well. Due to extended Christmas vacation, they also asked our understanding that they might extend the school year by another week too. So their Final Card Distribution Day instead of March 31st they moved it to 4th of April.

Now I feel secure for my daughter’s safety while inside the building, I am thankful that they are really thinking of our kid’s safety by fortifying their infrastructures.

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