An Earthquake

A while ago, when I was chatting with my husband I was contemplating to write a big earthquake that would occur anytime next year. I read it in FB that they have this apparatus that can identify or in which an earthquake will occur, with this apparatus they will able to learn if an earthquake will be coming. However, I got disappointed because this blog is not working this morning. So I was here blog hopping and all a sudden an earthquake occurred.

I was chatting with my husband then that I left the computer in the living room and ran to my youngest daughter to the bedroom. My nieces and eldest daughter is already at school. I carried her in my arms and went out from the house right away; my daughter was sleeping still so hard in my shoulder. I waited the shaking to stop, and yes I can see the lamp post shaking in front of us too. If this would continue I might go to the other gate where our car parked and where the fire wall of my neighbor was placed. I will just have to run until the surroundings are clear with lamps and all that. I know I am just being paranoid and maybe exaggerating of what happened today but I guess it is better to plan ahead than being sorry because I did not think ahead.  But good thing the earthquake after like seconds I guess, my knees are still shaking when we went back to the house and put Faith back to bed. My husband wondered where I was, and I told him there was an earthquake.

Faith will have exam today, they will spent only one hour at school. So since their school is not equipped with open space, I might just stay there for a while and will wait for her.

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  1. kimmy says:

    what a coincidence!

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