Doing Their Project At Home

Lately my eldest daughter had so many projects and one of these is the picture below. This has been the first time that she is inviting her classmate at home to do their project, which I like so she won’t go out to go to her classmate at all. I mean I prefer her doing their group assignment or project at home than to go to the house of her classmate. So I made sure that their foods are ready at home, whenever her classmates are here. Just like recently, I didn’t have budget for anything extra but since they will have to do some projects, I gave her money to buy their lunch. They were a group of 5 members; they are making a Christmas star for their classroom. Sigh I was not able to take a picture of it; she was in a hurry this morning that I was not able to grab my camera to take a picture of it.

 photo 1463196_577014712371606_1663848156_n_zps48acbdf5.jpg

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