It Is About Passion And Priorities

I could still remember the quote saying:

It is better to finish and lost the game than to quit in the middle of the game

It could not be only for those sports enthusiasts or for our athletes but we can also apply it in our lives. Problems and trials do exists and we shall never quit. But athletes who goes to school every day and have training after, one should never say never if the sports that they are engaged to, is their passion, they can succeed in both fields.

From elementary, Mj always have a busy schedule, I always told her to that she can’t swim if she will not do good with her studies. She strived hard for it and I was happy to know that her grades were fair enough, not that she would be nominated as valedictorian but enough to make me happy. She stopped for a year, last year when she did not qualify for DAVRAA.

High school is too different from elementary, the teacher will not gonna run after you for you to submit your book reports or projects and this is so new to Mj. She was so lax and mind you, I really did not see her opening her books. Lately I found out that she always left it in the locker, I got so mad especially when I saw her grades.

When her Daddy was here last September, she approached him and asked him if she could get back to swimming. My husband and I talked about it, if it could help her with her studies, why not? I guess swimming is her inspiration or tools to be active both in her studies and swimming. So even though it was hard in my part sending and fetching her at the pool, knowing that the pool is far from where we live, we said yes.

Her latest periodical exam results went good, thank GOD!

It is indeed true that it is somewhat a personal challenge to push yourself to the limit. Who says that athletes are dumb? Yeah I heard that from a friend that mostly swimmers or athletes could not perform well in school, I totally disagree because my daughter could do well in school when she is too busy, when she swims and when she is on training. It is all about passion and priorities; it is about self-discipline and your goal, inspiration perhaps to succeed in both fields.

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