My Youngest Daughter Dress On The Party

Just this Friday, my two kids just had Christmas Party. The day before that, Mj, Faith and I were so busy buying new clothes for Faith. Mj need not to buy anything new since they only wear P.E uniform in their Christmas Party. MJ and I helped each other to think which style Faith would look good to wear but our little teapot just picked what she wants and this is what she chooses:

 photo HPIM2150.jpg

Her Ate Mj was the one who picked the boots for her:

 photo HPIM2151.jpg

The thing was her Daddy did not like we picked for her, LOL he said it doesn’t match. Maybe he just doesn’t like kids wearing boots but for us we like it.

 photo 1491594_10202317116705408_665289963_n.jpg

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  1. kimmy says:

    what a lovely dress!

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