Ways To Be Responsible To Our Community

Even if you are still a kid, you can still do many things for the community. You can still be responsible to those kids who lives in the orphan homes.

You can:

Give out your old toys that can still be useful to other kids. And ask your mom this Christmas if you can buy numbers of pair of slippers for you to give to street children.

If you have old books or story fairy tale books, you can distribute it to the less fortunate kids so they can also enjoy the books that you were reading for.

Raise funds by selling candies to your classmates to give school supplies or first aid kits to those schools that are lacking of supplies.

You can also teach reading in catechism every Sunday.

Love the nature by supporting tree planting, mostly this is organized in school. You can also join a feeding program, some community offered this kind in young teens and you can help of course with permission of your parents.

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