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So Many Absents

Ever since the Christmas Vacation my youngest daughter was not able to attend her Kumon anymore even my eldest daughter. I always forgot about it and I got too busy. Today will be her schedule and I have to got up my butt here to send her to Kumon. I went out early this morning since I have to renew the car. I guess she also have assignment we need to attend to, their school will start this 13th due to building inspection. It is already 2 in the afternoon and I have to prepare her. Good day every one! It is just beginning of the year but it looks I will be busier this time.

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I Am Doing It One At A Time

Since we just moved in to this house, my husband suggested replacing all the locks. We don’t know if somebody has the duplicate to the house and might intrude anytime. I don’t want to feel sorry in the end, I mean I have the full trust in the previous owner, but I just want to make sure. We also would like to change knob handles and I found some I can say it is durable and long last. For now though we are still saving some for the repairs on this house. I mean we didn’t even pay the whole amount, thank GOD that the owner is okay with it, we paid him partially. I have so many things I would like to do for this house, but of course I am doing it one at a time.

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