Daddy And Daughter Bonding

Yesterday I attended a wedding celebration; if my husband was not here I would be doomed because my sister Merlyn could not be here due for a seminar that she needs to attend in 3 days. The couple invited me for their wedding during their nephew’s birthday. I asked permission from my husband if I could go and without any hesitation, he said yes. He thought it will be on Saturday but nope it is not, it will be on Friday meaning Mj could not go with them if they will go to the mall. So he decided to stay home with Faith instead. When I arrived home last night I asked how were they and he said Faith was pretty behave, she just started to play like dragging the chair when Mj went home from school. I have to thank my husband for taking good care of Faith while I was away to attend a wedding. It was a nice bonding for two of them since my husband will leave for the States next week.

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