Eyeglasses For My Eldest

My eldest daughter love to wear eyeglasses but I told her she should not wish for that yet she is very persistent. Sometimes she would buy fashion eyeglasses and wear it at school; she said it makes her look smart or genius. Thus, I advised her to wait until she will be my age and she can wear different eyeglasses eyeglasses specials, yes it should be special and the frame should fit on her face. An eyeglasses should not make you look old but it should make you still look young even you are only young at heart. I just had my eyeglasses last year, my husband was the one who picked the frame, the Doctor said he had a good choice because the style was latest and has the Korean style. An eyeglass does not mean you have to pick the most expensive because there are affordable ones that are still dependable when it comes to its quality and durability

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