Is Your Kid A Spoiled?

I found this article in FB 10 signs that your child is spoiled. I read it right away to check if Faith possesses one of those. Good thing nope she doesn’t have any of those, she just maybe hyper but not spoiled because she still listen and does not have tantrums at all. Here are the 10 signs

1. She throws tantrums very often even just at home and even in public

2. They can’t be satisfied of anything even if they already have it. And when some other kids have one thing, they would want that as well.

3.  Doesn’t want to help even just a small task like fixing toys after playing

4. Will control adults

5. They embarrass you in public intently

6. They don’t like to share

7. You still have to beg when you ask for her to do something

8. They would ignore you when you speak to them

9. They don’t like to play alone or could not, they always want somebody to play with them

10. They wanted to be bribed of anything such as toys, money, treats. 

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