Not With Kids

I supposed to bring my kids today however Mj is still in camping, she told me she will be home at 12 noon but she was still not here. So I just left Faith and my niece Moreen to wait for Mj. I was invited for a short gathering with friends but since my other friend has to go to the mall to grocery shop for her brother’s birthday she needs to go home early. I went with her because my sister mentioned that we were invited for a birthday party of my cousin. I can’t go back home anymore to fetch the kids since I am budgeting my gas, and besides it is starting to rain already and as usual I am worried of the possible floods. My niece went out to go with her friend to get some money; she messaged me if she could go home with me. I just messaged her back that we will just see each other in SM. She didn’t know that we will go to our cousin to celebrate his birthday. It saddened me to leave the kids at home but it would terrify me if we are stuck in a flood and they were with me.

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