Surprise Her

Being engage to the woman you loved is a dream for a lifetime. So you must be ready for it to make it so special, you should be prepare and one thing you should consider is the diamond ring. I know there is variety diamond rings out there but you must buy for the best. Be sure that is genuine and not fake and be sure that your wife-to-be would love it. There are many ways that you can check if she likes it. You might bring her to the jewelry shop, telling her that you have to look a ring for your mother, or brother’s girlfriend. When she looks around ask her what she likes, not a particular engagement ring just any ring might be college ring or any ring. Do not be too obvious that you are there for her engagement ring. If she would try one of the rings, get the size of her finger immediately. Then set a dinner date with her and surprise her with your proposal. Make sure that she is also ready for a long last relationship.

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