Wall Decorations For Our Daughters

We just moved into our new house.  Well, it’s new to use anyway  One thing we want to do is personalize the house.  How do we plan to do this?  For our youngest daughter’s room we plan on using butterfly wall decals.  She really likes fairies and butter flies so we thought that decorating her room with these wouldn ot only make her happy but show her presonality. One reason we like wall decals is that they are easily removed and moved to a new locations.  Wall decor, like the ones shown in the link above really fit our budget.

I enjoy decorating my home, and as my husband will tell you moving around furniture and wall hangings.  With wall decals, I really can do this easily.  When I saw the decal of Audry Hepburn, I was really pleased with the range and variety of wall decals to choose from.  Easy to apply and easy to remove, these wall stickers/decals really can enhance the way your home appears.

One of my friends just had her second child.  She was looking for ideas on how to decorate her nursery.  I told her that I though wall decals were really a neat way decorate the room she intends to use for her nursery as her child gets older kids wall decals seems to me the perect way to go.  Whether you want to decorate the room for a  or a girl, toddler or teenager, I am sure you can find tasteful wall decals to please our achildren.

I really want to make my home look good and wall decorations that are easy to apply and move around really appeal to me.  I like the idea of being able to chnge the appearance of my home’s interior just be moving stuf around.  The best complement somebody can give me is to tell me that I have a really nice home.

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