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Not The Jumpsuit At All

When Mj has grown up to become a teenager, she choose to wear a jump suit at all and not the normal swim suit for her training or when she joins competition but lately she asked me to buy more swim suit this time.

It was started when I bought her the one piece swim suit last competition, the jump suit was very pricey so I told her we could not buy her a jump suit but the one piece swim suit since that is more affordable than the other one. She did not agree with me but later she doesn’t have any choice so she wore it. Yet she only wore it not for long because she changes it, she wore her old jump suit until the competition ends.

Lately, when she is on training, she oftentimes wore the one piece swim suit; she told me she seemed to like it anymore. And she also said that if next time if I buy her a swim suit, she prefers to have the one piece swim suit and not the  jumpsuit, which means saving some bucks since that is much affordable than the jumpsuit, thank GOD!

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