Its About The Quality Of The Instrument

Making music is not all about the instrument being played it is about the quality of the instrument and auxiliary equipment like amplifiers, sound mixers and other devices that when used properly enhance the sounds the instruments produce.  There are great ebs amplifiers that can really enhance the sound produced.  Since my eldest daughter has begun learning the guitar, I have taken an interest in the various equipment she may need, if she decides this is something she want to pursue.  I have a lot to learn, but just seeing what kind of equipment is available to enhance the quality of my daughters music has been an education.

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One Response to “Its About The Quality Of The Instrument”

  1. kimmy says:

    i would have to agree.. i was a member of a band when I was young and we didn’t have good instruments back then. i just realized how bad we sounded when I finally got the chance to sing with a real band, lol!

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