My Kids Had So Much Fun Today

I am just so happy that most of the kids I invited attended the Birthday party of Faith, she was so happy to see all the kids gathered especially when the games started. I guess she could not contain her happiness today when she learned that it is her birthday. I could see every kid enjoyed especially when Jollibee and Hetty went out to entertain the guests. Faith is not ever afraid of Mascot in fact she loved them, so the moment that the two mascots went out, she hugged them so tight and kissed them. The party lasted for two hours, Mj and her three friends from the pool from the previous team asked me if they could hang out in the mall together since it has been a while they were not able to see each other. They were in the same batch when the learn how to swim, and it is very rare to happen when they could see each other again. So they went to the mall, playing games, watching 5D and roamed around. They wanted to go to carnival but my feet are so tired already wearing the very pointed shoes I bought last month, it seems like my toes were squeezed tightly and its hard already to walk. Thus, my youngest and eldest have so much fun today; Faith has to go home early with my two nieces.

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