Posting It In Facebook?

Just last month, I decided to really talk to my daughter’s principal regarding with giving of pointers for the exam. I had been observing this since the school started and I noticed that the teachers were giving pointers like 2 days before the exam. I mean we are not used to this set up because of what we experience from her previous school; they always gave the pointers a week before the exam. I just passed it by hoping they will change it but it get worst last December, one particular teacher posted the pointers in Facebook in their page. And since my daughter doesn’t have accessed in using the computer on weekdays because of her training every night, we skipped the updates in their page. And I am also too busy to monitor what’s going in their page because I usually seen some nonsense shout out weeks before that from their students, I didn’t mind to check it since I expected they will give a hard copy for pointers to their students.

The teacher posted it on December 14, now my daughter just learned that the pointers were in FB on December 17 and their exam is on December 18. How can she study with all the pointers for one night! I admit my daughter is just an average student, if she is Einstein then maybe she can follow it but no, she has to study yet before she can answer all those things, she need to study with her tutor first before I can say she is ready.

And since I can’t just sit in the house to wait for a miracle when these teachers can change, I talked to their assistant principal and asked her regarding the pointers. The assistant principal said that they already talked to the teachers regarding with the pointers and it should be a week before the exam. I told her posting pointers in FB should not be allowed because not all students can have access in Facebook, and she said that she will do her best to call the attention of all the teachers.

Good thing she is much accommodated, because if I will be the one to decide, I will transfer my daughter to other school that has teachers who are willing to help students halfway. But since my daughter really likes her school now, then I will still observe.

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