Consistent English Speaker

We didn’t have car today, so I and Faith have to take a Jeepney going to the school of Mj to fetch her. Mj went to the school early this morning for the practice for their recognition day. It was finished at 12 noon; the moving up day of Faith will start at 1 in the afternoon. And before going to the school we need to dropped by at the friend’s house to get my cake order but there is no one in there house when we went there, so we just proceeded to the school of Faith. My friend just sent my order to the school for the party of Faith. We were not allowed to go inside the classroom until the program was finish; we were just allowed to go inside during eating time. But before eating time, the kids were able to sing for the parents and here’s the video:

Faith was so proud to sing the song for us, and she was even calling my name to at least see her on their choral performance.

 photo 1920354_10202931533625447_1637207425_n.jpg

One thing also that made her so happy and so proud was when she showed me that she got a medal for consistent English speaker. She even wore it when we went to the mall to grocery shop.

 photo 1499610_10202931537145535_1262604269_n.jpg

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