How Far Can I Go For My Kids?

I can go far or even farther when it comes to my kids. I could still remember when Mj was still Nursery; I noticed that her teacher was ignoring her. I just didn’t mind it at first but there was one time that I could not hold my temper anymore. The parents were not allowed to go inside the classroom, so I and some parents stayed in the gym. One parent told me that she heard Mj asking for water to her teacher but she ignored her. I already kept some issues with this teacher, it started when she asked me to tutor Mj and I told her I’ll just be the one to teach her. It started that day and she ignored Mj anymore. She will not assist her during exams and when Mj asked her of something she just wave her hands signing her to sit down. I talked to her but we were not able to agree of something and it leads to arguments. The next day, I did not let Mj to go to the same school anymore, she was still Nursery and she can go to Kindergarten without any records from Nursery.

Yesterday, I almost went to her school again. I know she has been working hard with their computer project. So many nights that she slept late already just to make a website for their clearance. However her teacher said there is still lacking and that is where the Home and Contact Buttons is. She was not able to take their exam but what wonders her is that her partner who never participated with their project was able to take an exam. She asked the teacher but her teacher just said she can take her exam by tomorrow after she finished the project. She tried to finish her project in school but her USB reformatted all so sudden. She messaged me that she will finish her project at home and when she arrived home she told me why she was not able to take her exam on its schedule. I was ready to go to the school but she stopped me and said that I don’t have to worry because she can take it by tomorrow without any minus points.

 How far can I go for my kids? I can go even farther for their rights, for their safety and protection. If I have to fight for them I will as long as I breathe, no matter what happen, I will always be there for them,

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